Buddywood custom made makes handmade longboards, trying to communicate our concept of longskate by the fusion of surf, skate and art.

The need to surf everyday drove us to make longboards which allowed us to surf the asphalt even if there was no waves at all.

The first Buddywood deck was handmade, driven by an artistic interest. Its strokes ended up becoming a way of expression.

Buddywood is constantly updating and adapting to the longboard evolution and the people who ride its boards, but never losing its essence.

Each Buddywood is a canvas for the artist who makes it with loving and dedication.

The hands that make the Buddywood boards pay great attention to each detail, as if it was the last one. That´s because each deck is treated as the first one was. Every work is harmonious, full of balance, and there’s a reason behind every little line and detail it’s made up of.

As they are handmade, our boards have a limited production and that makes them even more exclusive. Their distinctive finish makes them all different from each other.


Our dog’s name was Buddy. He was always with us before and during the creation of the company. While he lived with us, every shaving of wood fell over him before going to the floor; that’s why we thought about “Buddywood”
“I’ve always drawn Buddy like this since he came home in 1998, that’s why I always knew that was going to be Buddywood logo”.

-Ángel Figueroa-