Each deck, an exclusive canvas

Buddywood Longboards are handmade from beginning to end. They are also hand painted, one by one, in an exclusive way. That’s why there will never be two Buddywoods alike.

An exclusive longboard for you,

unique, designed according to your taste.

Supervising the smallest details

Every board is numbered on its bottom side and it’s accompanied by its manufacturing date; that way you’ll always know your Buddywood’s date of birth and how many boards have been made before yours.

Every one of our boards is exclusive and customizable.
You can choose among the different models we make; each one is specially made for a longboarding discipline. And we can adapt its flex to your weight and your riding preferences.
We give you the opportunity to choose the color combination you want us to paint your board’s draws with, so that you can turn it into a completely personal one.
The grip tape can be black or clear, so you can choose if you want us to paint the bottom side of your deck too, in order to let your board’s draws be seen through the grip tape.
It’s possible to add a brief text or dedication of your choice next to your board’s number, so that everyone will notice it’s been made only for you.
There’s no additional cost for any of these customization options.

If none of our models is strictly the board you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll work together to make the longboard of your dreams.

Each Buddywood board has a handmade label which is individually written. You can read the board model, a brief explanation of how it was made, its serial number and manufacturing date.

As we pay great attention to detail, you’ll receive your longboard into a pretty case where it’ll travel totally safe. While opening the package, you’ll always find details that make you notice someone took good care of preparing it for you